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Quality Bespoke High Security External Doors

Combining high security with stylish design for your home or commercial premises

It is a fact that the majority of modern external doors can easily be penetrated with a few simple tools and a small amount of knowledge. Our range of high security steel doors provide significantly better protection for your home or commercial premises without having to compromise on design.

Individually designed and built to fit any size of opening or style of property each security door is tested and certified to British Security Standards, recognised as the highest across the world. The additional levels of built in protection not only include the main door construction but the outer frame, fixing and locking mechanisms ensuring complete security against a prolonged attack.

Complete flexibility

Our range of high security doors includes 3 different levels of protection to suit any budget or requirement.

Our base door, designed to protect against a medium risk of burglary, provides significantly better protection than typical external doors whilst for those requiring more protection we offer a mid range and premium maximum security door which includes bullet resistance.

In addition, all of the doors are tested and certified for sound insulation, thermal transmission, as well as water, wind and fire resistance providing all round protection.

Every door is custom built and so can be provided in any colour, design or timber finish to match the style and decor of your building. You can also choose from a wide range of available locking mechanisms including cylinders, electronic, armoured, mechanical code and the latest finger scanning technology.

If you are interested in having a bespoke high security door installed in your building speak to our team of security specialists on 0117 967 4994 in complete confidence. We provide a complete service from initial survey and inspection through to final installation.

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